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Did you know that this process can take up to a year or more if you're not sure what to do and how to do it? This is a necessary undertaking that is required for all healthcare providers if they want to receive payments from insurance companies and be listed in the network directory (which drives patients your way). If it is not done, or not done correctly it means NO or REDUCED PAYMENTS from the insurance companies until this process is completed accurately. In turn it would mean you couldn't run your business or pay your staff!

I've met with many Chiropractors that had no idea of this step in the 'starting the business' process, and have met with many who have tried to do it themselves, generating a lot of stress, frustration, and then dislike for the insurance companies. THIS CAN BE AVOIDED!

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Provider Coaching's consulting services are unique in that I have worked on both sides of the system and the desk, as an office manager, billing manager and in software support and training (on the vendor side).

I am a Certified Medical Coder, have billed and managed the Revenue Cycle for several providers; been a compliance officer for different specialties, and I have also helped with development of different software applications including a web-based practice management system, and a 'computer assisted coding' application, primarily with the User Interface functionality of the systems.

One of my core strengths is in training and education of providers and their staff; involving coding, billing, documentation, compliance and effective insurance company communication etc.

Another aptitude of mine is using and training on different software applications. With my hands-on experience, being immersed in the 'HIT' environment, and working with many different levels of managers, developers, providers and their staff I have become extremely proficient
in effective communication and education.


"I've been a patient of Chiropractic for over 30 years. It has saved me from incapacitating pain, while helping my body prevent injury and illness. I have recommended it more times then I know.
And because of that I would like to reciprocate."


Corrie Anderson CMC

AFFILIATIONS: American Medical Billing Assoc., Practice Management Institute, Carrington College Medical Billing Advisory Board, American Chiropractic Assoc., Washington State Chiropractic Assoc., LinkedIn, Cambridge Who's Who, BBB, Toastmasters

Tel: 206-419-5536 

Email: info@providercoaching.com

Assisting the Chiropractic community make the TRANSITION into the 21st Century and all of it's Administrative Requirements...


Education, training & assistance for the Chiropractic community...

Credentialing, billing & coding, AR & revenue cycle management, compliance,

Practice Management/EHR technology and more!

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